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Preventing families from becoming homeless in the first place with Shelter Diversion and Rental Assistance programs.

With more than 40% of Americans a $400 expense away from financial distress, the threat of crisis looms closely for too many families. Preventing families from spiraling into homelessness is an essential part of the Family Promise mission.


We offer a variety of strategies to ensure the people we serve do not fall into the cycle of housing instability that can devastate families and alter the course of children’s lives. These include providing rental assistance and landlord mediation, and community-based approaches that keep families housed.

Project Home is our rent and mortgage assistance program. This program is designed to help families going through crisis situations and keep them housed. Through this program, the Case Manager has developed positive relationships with local landlords. 

Our staff is active in the community working with agencies to develop community-based strategies. One of these strategies is Case Conferencing meetings where Case Managers around the community meet to discuss clients and pool resources to assist those in need.

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